All Identified Members Of MADS, Ranked – Gaming Reviews

All Identified Members Of MADS, Ranked – Gaming Reviews

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The world of One Piece is crammed with highly effective organizations which can be all the time making an attempt to get the higher of each other. Because of the fixed energy battle that they’re concerned in, most of those teams find yourself being destroyed or are compelled to stop their actions.

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One such establishment that existed many years in the past was MADS, and it was energetic earlier than the present timeline. MADS was an unlawful scientific group that was headed by 5 distinct scientists. Clearly, the group wanted cash to work, and it was offered by Du Feld, a distinguished determine within the One Piece Underworld. The identities of the members of MADS remained a secret for a very long time, however they have been lastly revealed within the Egghead Island arc.


5/5 Caesar

One Piece Caesar Clown In His Hafl Gasous Form

Caesar was launched within the Punk Hazard arc, and he served as its important villain. He’s a mad scientist who labored for Massive Mother and Kaido, two of probably the most infamous pirates on the earth. Caesar’s modus operandi was vile, and he did not care about who was harmed in his experiments. Time and time once more, Caesar has confirmed that he doesn’t have any ethical fiber. Within the Punk Hazard arc, it was revealed that Caesar operated on youngsters to perform his purpose of gigantification. Fortunately, he was stopped by Luffy.

Someday after MADS was dissolved, Caesar began working with Vegapunk for the World Authorities, nevertheless it did not take lengthy for the evil scientist to start out developing a weapon that was each unlawful and harmful. When Vegapunk caught him, Caesar set off the weapon that resulted within the deaths of many individuals. Within the latest cowl tales, Caesar was seen serving to the Vinsmoke youngsters escape Massive Mother’s territory, and it was later confirmed that he had left with them.

4/5 Stussy

Stussy a member of CP0

Stussy is a member of CP0. She made her debut within the Entire Cake Island arc, the place she was launched as one of many members of the Underworld. Afterward, it was revealed that Stussy is a extremely gifted murderer, who has labored on many covert operations for the World Authorities.

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Surprisingly, earlier than turning into a Cipher Pol agent, Stussy was a member of MADS. This was revealed within the Egghead Island arc. When CP0 arrived at Egghead Island to kill Vegapunk and his our bodies, Stussy was in a position to clarify all of the protection methods that Vegapunk had positioned in every single place. This incident put her below suspicion, which was confirmed in Chapter 1070 when she was featured on the duvet story alongside the opposite 4 main members of MADS. The revelation about Stussy being a member of the group raises the query of how she has managed to remain younger whereas the others have aged.

3/5 Queen

Queen in One Piece anime

Queen is among the All-Stars, which makes him one of many strongest fighters of the Beasts Pirates. He’s a ruthless man who likes to toy along with his opponent earlier than ending them off. Queen possesses the Ryu Ryu no Mi, Mannequin: Brachiosaurus, an Historical Zoan-type satan fruit. It permits Queen to remodel into the prehistoric beast, bolstering his bodily energy considerably.

He may not appear like it, however Queen was a member of MADS. As a result of his intelligence, Queen is ready to create weapons equivalent to lethal ailments that may annihilate massive teams of individuals simply. He even modified elements of his physique to assist him combat higher. Regardless of his spectacular arsenal, Queen was defeated simply by Sanji within the Wano Nation arc.

2/5 Vinsmoke Choose

Vinsmoke Judge leader of Germa 66

Vinsmoke Choose is the patriarch of the Vinsmoke Household and a former member of MADS. Like Caesar, Choose falls into the class of an evil scientist. Throughout his time with MADS, Choose managed to determine how the Lineage Issue labored. He used the findings to switch his personal kids in an effort to give them limitless energy. Choose’s genius did not cease there; he created clones of his youngsters, and he additionally started manufacturing troopers. With the mixed energy of his youngsters and troopers, Choose was in a position to take over total kingdoms.

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Choose additionally created the Raid Fits, that are outstanding innovations that permit his kids to combat in an much more efficient method. His thirst for energy practically value him and his household their lives, however they have been saved by Sanji. After the occasions of the Entire Cake Island arc, Choose and Germa Kingdom misplaced their privileges, together with their standing as royalty, and so they grew to become targets for the World Authorities.

1/5 Dr. Vegapunk

Vegapunk One Piece 1067 (1)

Dr. Vegapunk is the neatest character within the collection. His identify was introduced up many occasions after the time skip, however he did not make an look till the Egghead Island arc. Vegapunk possesses the Nomi Nomi no Mi, which is a Paramecia-type satan fruit. It permits him to retailer all the data he has ever realized. Nonetheless, in an effort to retailer it, his mind and head maintain rising in measurement. This successfully makes him the particular person with the most important mind on the earth.

Over 20 years in the past, Vegapunk labored alongside 4 different members of MADS. The group managed to make a reputation for itself, which prompted the World Authorities to take motion. Since siding with the Marines, Vegapunk has been answerable for creating among the most notable innovations within the collection, just like the Pacifista, a duplicate of Kaido’s satan fruit, and so forth. Nonetheless, his greatest creations are the Seraphim. In keeping with Vegapunk, the Seraphim are the strongest beings on the ocean. The Seraphim possess Lunarian traits that grant them further power and pace. Moreover, they’re armed with completely different satan fruits that go well with their combating fashion. Vegapunk has programmed them in such a approach that they handle to enhance after each combat.

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