Genshin Impression: Genius Invokation TCG – Gaming Reviews

Genshin Impression: Genius Invokation TCG – Gaming Reviews

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The TCG mode in Genshin Impression, generally known as the Genius Invokation, is an exciting and dynamic recreation mode that was launched in model 3.3. Success on this fast-paced card recreation depends closely on strategic decision-making and a little bit of luck. Just like the core gameplay of Genshin Impression, gamers can use elemental reactions and character skills to achieve a bonus, making it essential to have a cohesive group and complementary playing cards for optimum efficiency. Though the preliminary playable character playing cards have been restricted, subsequent updates have expanded the roster, including new playing cards akin to Klee and Beidou in model 3.4 replace and, Eula, Kokomi, and Sara in 3.5 replace. This enables for extra experimentation and pleasure for gamers, and provides the premise that gamers can count on to see extra of their favourite characters being applied on this recreation mode.


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The lately launched Sara character within the Genius Invokation TCG serves as a help for Electro-user characters, mirroring her position within the precise Genshin Impression gameplay. Her Elemental Ability features equally to Fischl’s, the place she summons a creature that offers harm on the finish of the flip and offers a harm buff to different Electro characters within the celebration. Nevertheless, there are distinctions between their gameplay and group compositions. Whereas Sara can substitute for Fischl in Electro groups, Fischl stays a viable selection for any group that necessitates Electro software.

Sara Card & Expertise

Genshin Impact Genius Invokation TCG Sara Skills

To acquire the Sara Card and Sara’s Expertise Card within the Genius Invokation TCG, gamers can ship a duel invitation to Sara by means of The Cat’s Tail tavern’s invitation board, similar to many different character playing cards. These playing cards may be earned by efficiently finishing problem goals in a Pleasant Fracas match.

Regular Assault: Tengu Bowmanship

Main Cube

1 Electro

Secondary Cube

2 Unaligned


Offers 2 Bodily DMG.

Elemental Ability: Tengu Stormcall

Main Cube

3 Electro


Offers 1 Electro DMG, summons 1 Tengu Juurai: Ambush.

Particular Impact

Tengu Juurai: Ambush

Summon Finish Section: Deal 1 Electro DMG, applies Crowfeather Cowl to pleasant lively character. Has 1 utilization. Crowfeather Cowl: The character with this hooked up offers +1 Elemental Ability and Elemental Burst DMG. Utilization(s): 2

Elemental Burst: Subjugation – Koukou Sendou

Main Cube

4 Electro

Vitality Value

2 Vitality


Offers 1 Electro DMG, summons 1 Tengu Juurai: Stormcluster.

Particular Impact

Tengu Juurai: Stormcluster

Summon: Finish Section: Deal 2 Electro DMG, applies Crowfeather Cowl to pleasant lively character. Utilization(s): 2

Sara’s Expertise Card: Sin of Delight

Genshin Impact Genius Invokation TCG Sara Talent Card

Sara’s Elemental Burst is a potent capability that not solely summons a novel Electro damage-dealing summon but additionally applies the Crowfeather Cowl buff, much like her Elemental Ability. When used, Sara’s expertise card will increase the harm buff by an extra level. Whereas her Burst is robust and solely requires 2 Vitality to activate, her expertise card will not be appropriate for each group composition. Usually, gamers would profit extra from the expertise playing cards of their major Electro DPS, akin to Keqing, because the Crowfeather Cowl buff has a brief period. Having Sara’s expertise card within the deck may unnecessarily litter it and stop gamers from drawing extra wanted playing cards.

Greatest Sara Decks

genshin impact kujou sara electro bow attack trailer

Sara is a personality within the TCG who’s primarily oriented in direction of Electro-support. Nevertheless, her group compositions are presently restricted as a result of lack of Primary-DPS characters within the recreation. Whereas gamers can technically use Sara as an alternative of Fischl in some group compositions as an off-field Electro harm character, her true potential can’t be totally utilized in such groups. It’s best to pair Sara with Keqing or Cyno group compositions to reap the benefits of Electro resonance and buff their assaults, which will help with cube and vitality administration.

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Gamers ought to notice that selecting between Keqing and Cyno is a matter of non-public choice, as they play otherwise. Keqing is less complicated to grasp and extra accessible than Cyno, making her a better option for freshmen. Furthermore, gamers can make the most of both of those characters in varied group compositions relying on their desired Elemental Response. Nevertheless, for a group composition that makes use of Sara, a Quicken-focused deck is the best choice to comprehend her full potential. Typically talking, the group compositions will make the most of Sara and Keqing or Cyno, mixed with an off-field Elemental enabler help of selection.

Sara + Keqing + Collei

Genshin Impact Genius Invokation TCG Sara Keqing Collei

The group that makes use of Keqing and Collei goals to concentrate on the Quicken response, which is able to enhance Keqing’s harm even additional. This response creates a buff that reinforces the following Dendro or Electro harm occasion. At first, gamers might discover the deck slower, contemplating that Collei is just in a position to summon an off-field Summon together with her Elemental Burst. Nevertheless, her Elemental burst requires solely 2 Vitality and three Dendro cube, which means that gamers ought to concentrate on getting Collei’s Burst early recreation, ideally within the first or second turns. That is doable if gamers use energy-generating motion playing cards, together with the Elemental Resonance, Excessive Voltage. If gamers begin with fortunate playing cards and cube rolls to start with, they’ll basically get her Summon as rapidly as doable earlier than switching to Sara for her summon on the following flip. Because the help inside this group closely depends on Summons, gamers may discover themselves in an inconvenient scenario if the enemy is using the Ship Off card.

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Typically talking, this Deck depends on swapping between characters very often, and as such, they won’t battle in opposition to groups that make the most of Swirl or Overload reactions typically, and might have a better time swapping round, significantly on account of Keqing’s passive capability to summon Lightning Stiletto as soon as she makes use of her Elemental Ability. This not solely permits her to get Electro Infusion but additionally swaps her again to her immediately. This enables for nice alternatives for fast swaps between Sara and Keqing, particularly when playing cards that permit for fast swaps or much less cube utilization are utilized nicely. One draw back of this deck is that it does not make the most of any healers and closely depends on ending up the opponent’s characters as rapidly as doable. In any other case, if they’re going through a stalling or defensive deck, they won’t carry out very nicely. As such, therapeutic playing cards are extremely advisable on this group composition.

Sara + Cyno + Mona

Genshin Impact Genius Invokation TCG Sara Cyno Mona

The first technique of this group composition is to make use of the Electro-Charged response to step by step scale back the opponent’s HP whereas build up vitality to unleash Cyno’s Elemental Burst and successfully make the most of his passive stacks. To start out, gamers can use Mona and Sara’s summons earlier than switching to Cyno, who must construct Pactsworn Pathclearer stacks to extend his harm. As soon as each Sara and Mona’s summons are lively, gamers can swap to Cyno and concentrate on activating his Elemental Burst as rapidly as doable. Just like the Quicken deck, this mix of playing cards can allow Cyno’s burst to be activated rapidly, as he solely wants 2 Vitality. As earlier than, playing cards that permit for extra vitality technology are essential to dealing most harm. Cyno’s burst ought to ideally be activated by Flip 2, adopted by his Elemental Ability, as at 4 stacks, he receives a robust DMG buff.

Compared to the Keqing Deck, this deck does not depend on fast swaps as typically, and it can also’t make the most of them as simply as Keqing can. However, because the predominant function of this deck is to have Mona and Sara’s summons lively, fast swaps usually are not as obligatory, and gamers can primarily concentrate on swapping when essential to refresh the summons. Nevertheless, much like the opposite deck, this deck can be vulnerable to playing cards akin to Ship Off, and it would battle in opposition to defensive and stalling decks because it does not make the most of any protect or therapeutic characters. Gamers who’re occupied with using Summons much less can swap out Mona for Xingqiu. In any other case, for these occupied with different elemental reactions, Ganyu for Superconduct or Xiangling for Overload will also be enjoyable choices.

Advisable Motion Playing cards

Genshin Impact Genius Invokation TCG Best Action Cards-1

As a result of Sara’s group choices are presently restricted, the first focus of motion playing cards ought to be to extend harm for the group’s predominant DPS, both Keqing or Cyno. Subsequently, gamers ought to contemplate together with both Keqing or Cyno’s expertise card within the group, moderately than Sara’s, since using Sara’s burst won’t be the first focus within the early recreation. As Sara is primarily used with different Electro characters, gamers ought to guarantee to make the most of each Electro Elemental Resonance playing cards to activate bursts extra rapidly and acquire extra cube.

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Utilizing playing cards that permit for fast swaps, akin to Katheryne, Go away It To Me or The Crane Returned, may be extremely useful when mixed with playing cards that don’t devour cube, akin to Altering Shifts or Daybreak Vineyard. Moreover, playing cards that generate extra cube, like Timmy or Liben, may be useful. Since many Sara groups don’t embrace a healer, utilizing a duplicate of the I Have not Misplaced But card will help flip the tide by permitting the lively character to achieve additional vitality and an extra cube. Lastly, gamers ought to use therapeutic or defensive playing cards at any time when obligatory to make sure that they don’t lose their predominant DPS character. Generally, gamers ought to take note of usually widespread and powerful motion playing cards, as they are often completely utilized in Sara Decks.

Genshin Impression is now accessible on Cellular, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Change model is in improvement.

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