Genshin Impression: Genius Invokation TCG – Gaming Reviews

Genshin Impression: Genius Invokation TCG – Gaming Reviews

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The Genius Invokation TCG is an exhilarating sport mode that was launched in model 3.3 of Genshin Impression. This fast-paced card sport requires tactical decision-making and a bit little bit of luck to attain constant success. Much like the gameplay mechanics of Genshin Impression, gamers can use elemental reactions and character kits within the TCG, making it important to have a well-coordinated staff and supportive playing cards to maximise efficiency. Though the playable character playing cards had been initially restricted, the three.4 model replace expanded the roster to incorporate Klee and Beidou playing cards. Moreover, with the three.5 replace, much more playing cards had been launched, together with Eula, Kokomi, and Sara, giving gamers a plethora of choices to experiment with and luxuriate in.


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Kokomi has just lately joined the Genius Invokation TCG as a brand new assist character, which aligns together with her position within the precise Genshin Impression gameplay as a Hydro person healer. This makes her a beneficial addition to any staff. As a catalyst person, she will apply Hydro to the enemies on the sector whereas additionally therapeutic her teammates. Her Elemental Talent offers extra Hydro harm and applies Hydro to the energetic character, which can be utilized to take away different elemental results reminiscent of Pyro, which might trigger extreme harm by means of Elemental reactions. Kokomi’s Elemental Burst has a low-energy value, heals her teammates, and enhances their regular assaults. General, Kokomi is a beneficial addition to defensive however potent staff compositions as a consequence of her assist position.

Kokomi Card & Expertise

Genshin Impact Genius Invokation TCG Kokomi Skills

Buying the Kokomi Card and Kokomi’s Expertise Card within the TCG might be carried out by sending a duel invitation to Kokomi by means of The Cat’s Tail tavern’s invitation board, which has similarities to acquiring many different character playing cards. Gamers can acquire these playing cards by efficiently finishing problem targets in a Pleasant Fracas match.

Regular Assault: The Form of Water

Main Cube

1 Hydro

Secondary Cube

2 Unaligned


Offers 1 Hydro DMG.

Elemental Talent: Kurage’s Oath

Main Cube

3 Hydro


This character positive factors Hydro Software and summons 1 Bake-Kurage.

Particular Impact


Summon Finish Section: Deal 1 Hydro DMG, heal your energetic character for 1 HP. Utilization(s): 2

Elemental Burst: Nereid’s Ascension

Main Cube

3 Hydro

Vitality Value

2 Vitality


Offers 3 Hydro DMG. This character positive factors Ceremonial Garment.

Particular Impact

Ceremonial Garment

Standing The character to which that is hooked up has their Regular Assault deal +1 DMG. After the character to which that is hooked up makes use of a Regular Assault: Heal 1 HP for all of your characters. Period (Rounds): 2

Kokomi’s Expertise Card: Tamanooya’s Casket

Genshin Impact Genius Invokation TCG Kokomi Talent Card

Gamers can profit tremendously from using Kokomi’s Elemental Burst because it gives a robust heal to all characters and buffs the energetic character’s regular assault harm. To profit from this, gamers can use Kokomi’s Expertise Card together with her Elemental Talent. It is very important be sure that her summon from the Elemental Talent is energetic, as this expertise card won’t solely enable gamers to activate the burst immediately, however it’ll additionally refresh the period of Bake-Kurage and improve its harm by 1 on the finish of the flip. This fashion, gamers can maximize the therapeutic potential of Kokomi’s Elemental Talent and Burst whereas additionally dealing extra harm with the summon.

Finest Kokomi Decks

Genshin Impact - Kokomi

Kokomi’s versatility as a top-tier healer and assist character makes her a beneficial addition to a wide range of staff compositions. Groups that prioritize regular assaults and require in depth therapeutic can significantly profit from her talents. Her effectiveness is amplified when paired with one other Hydro character to make the most of Hydro resonance. Whereas she excels in stalling decks, Kokomi can also be a beneficial assist character in offensive groups that do not depend on defend talents. It’s because Kokomi might be effectively utilized in Elemental Response targeted decks, permitting the main-DPS character to deal vital harm whereas not needing to fret as a lot about their HP.

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It is vital to notice that opponents can mitigate Kokomi’s Elemental Talent through the use of the Ship Off card, which might be particularly inconvenient if gamers intend to summon a number of summons utilizing different characters like Mona, Xiangling, or Fischl. Nevertheless, Kokomi can summon her Elemental Talent again, though it could be harder if her expertise card has already been utilized. Regardless of this potential disadvantage, Kokomi’s talents and flexibility make her a robust asset to any TCG deck.

Kokomi + Mona + Diona

Genshin Impact Genius Invokation TCG Kokomi Mona Diona

By incorporating two healers and the potential to Freeze, this deck is among the most defensive decks within the TCG. Nevertheless, Diona is the one enabler for Cryo, which implies she have to be utilized often to take care of the Cryo utility, alognside her means to make use of shields and therapeutic. Mona and Kokomi’s alternating Hydro utility can be helpful, significantly towards decks that lack fast swap capabilities. Conversely, this deck might wrestle towards opponents who can rapidly and simply swap, reminiscent of those that make the most of Keqing. Nonetheless, with two healers and defend capabilities, it could possibly face up to vital harm and persistently heal itself. For these which can be searching for much less protection and extra energy, Diona might be swapped with Kaeya as effectively.

It is vital for gamers to notice that the perfect combo rotation for this deck is very depending on the opponent. Nevertheless, as a normal technique, gamers ought to start through the use of Mona’s Elemental Talent, adopted by Diona’s Elemental Talent to achieve a defend and freeze the opponent. If Mona’s summon stays intact on the following flip, gamers can freeze the opponent once more in the event that they go first. Nevertheless, in the event that they go second, it is best to modify to Kokomi earlier than the flip ends, to allow them to cleanse the utilized ingredient together with her Elemental Talent earlier than switching again to Diona to freeze the opponent once more. This deck advantages tremendously from gear playing cards that prioritize protection, reminiscent of Common’s Historical Helm or Fortunate Canine’s Silver Circlet, offering extra safety towards potential heavy hitters.

Kokomi + Beidou + Fischl

Genshin Impact Genius Invokation TCG Kokomi Beidou Fischl

This staff composition closely depends on the Electro-Charged response to regularly put on down the opponents’ HP whereas sustaining a defensive stance with the help of Beidou’s shielding talents and Kokomi’s therapeutic prowess. Fischl serves as the first off-field Electro-enabler, and as soon as gamers activate her talent, they’ll change between Beidou and Kokomi to make sure that the response stays energetic. Whereas this playstyle could seem sluggish at first, gamers will quickly uncover the immense potential for top harm and ending blows as soon as each Kokomi and Beidou’s Bursts are energetic.

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Though it could take a while to cost up Beidou’s Burst, having two Electro characters on this staff permits for the environment friendly use of each Elemental Resonance playing cards to hurry up the energy-gaining course of for using Elemental Bursts as usually as potential.

Kokomi + Klee + Xiangling

Genshin Impact Genius Invokation TCG Kokomi Klee Xiangling

The first focus of this deck composition is the vaporize response, and if executed appropriately, it has the potential to defeat an opponent’s character card within the first flip. Klee’s self-buff can pack a robust punch if the cube are managed successfully, and elemental utility is completed effectively. Kokomi’s Elemental Burst buff is especially helpful to Klee, permitting gamers to focus on both character’s Burst to allow sturdy elemental functions. Moreover, on the finish of the flip, Kokomi and Xiangling’s summons mixed can inflict vital harm to the opponent’s energetic character, even when there was no prior utility.

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Since each Kokomi and Klee are catalyst customers and may simply allow elemental utility whereas additionally boasting potential for off-field utility, gamers can select to make the most of both one first. Nevertheless, it is best to concentrate on Klee since she has extra on-field harm potential than off-field till her Burst is activated. Nonetheless, this will result in inconsistency in hydro utility at occasions. To mitigate this, gamers can think about using a personality like Xingqiu as a substitute of Xiangling, significantly towards gamers preferring fast swapping and may mitigate summons.

Really useful Motion Playing cards

Genshin Impact Genius Invokation TCG Best Action Cards-1

Since Kokomi can be utilized successfully in lots of staff compositions, primarily as a assist, it may be troublesome to resolve which playing cards to make use of to allow extra utilities. Gamers can typically make the most of many of the nice motion playing cards within the sport. For many who need to use her Burst usually, her Expertise Card generally is a good possibility in a versatile slot. Nevertheless, it is perhaps extra worthwhile to make use of the expertise playing cards of different characters as a substitute, reminiscent of Klee’s.

In most of Kokomi’s staff compositions, gamers can profit tremendously from Elemental Resonance playing cards, which permits for sooner Burst Enabling and better harm potential, even in defensive decks. Kokomi is especially helpful in lots of stall decks, and playing cards like Timmy or Liben might be utilized tremendously. With Kokomi’s vital therapeutic functionality, gamers have some room to swap out therapeutic playing cards for others that enable for quick-swap and even extra defensive playing cards if desired.

Genshin Impression is now obtainable on Cellular, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Change model is in growth.

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