Video games That Have Titles That Do not Make Sense – Gaming Reviews

Video games That Have Titles That Do not Make Sense – Gaming Reviews

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One facet of gaming that most individuals typically overlook is a recreation’s title. Ideally, a title needs to be distinctive, memorable, and provides an concept of what the sport is in the end about. Titles will be poetic, alliterative, catchy, descriptive, and rather more. Nevertheless, one frequent rule of thumb for titles, is that they need to in the end make sense inside the context of the sport in query.

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This isn’t at all times the case, for no matter motive all through the course of online game historical past publishers have insisted on quite a lot of bewildering titles. Whether or not they be misnumbered sequels, incorrect statements, or simply don’t have anything to do with the content material of the sport in any respect, these are titles that trigger avid gamers everywhere to scratch their heads in confusion.


9/9 Nuts And Milk

Definitely one of many strangest titles of any recreation ever made, Nuts & Milk is a considerably obscure recreation initially launched for Japanese residence computer systems, earlier than finally changing into the primary third half title launched for the Famicom. Except for the truth that a recreation was named after food and drinks, what makes this title particularly odd is the truth that neither of those two issues are in any respect current within the recreation itself.

Apparently, the blob-like protagonist of the sport is known as Milk, an odd identify to make sure. Nevertheless, regardless of that includes many collectible fruits there are not any nuts within the recreation in any respect.

8/9 Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

The Sonic sequence is not any stranger to nonsensical selections, and whereas the title is the least of Sonic 06’s issues it’s nonetheless very complicated. It is not too unusual for a recreation in a sequence to have the identical identify as the unique, nevertheless, that is nearly at all times a reboot or remake. However typically an bizarre sequel will simply obtain the identify of the unique recreation for seemingly no motive in any respect. Such was the case with Sonic the Hedgehog launched in 2006, this was finished to try to set up Sonic for the brand new technology.

That is laughable when one considers that Sonic 06 is likely one of the most generally derided video games of all time and Sega appears to be doing their finest to faux that it by no means existed. Moreover the sport is not actually a reboot and has extra in frequent with the Sonic Journey titles than it does with the unique Genesis recreation. A number of different video games would additionally use this identical naming scheme, a lot to everybody’s confusion, maybe probably the most notable of which being Castlevania for the Nintendo 64.

7/9 Energy Punch 2

At first look, this one appears pretty affordable till one realizes that there was no Energy Punch 1 and the sport is subsequently a sequel to nothing. It’s because the sport began growth as a sequel to Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! and would have presumably been known as Punch-Out!! 2. Nevertheless, Nintendo didn’t have a lot confidence within the recreation’s high quality and determined to withdraw their help and took the Punch-Out IP with them. D

eveloper American Softworks then determined to rename the principle character from Mike Tyson to Mark Tyler and rechristened the sport Energy Punch II, once more regardless of there having by no means been a Energy Punch 1. A few different examples of video games that began with the second entry regardless of not having a primary embody: Strip Fighter II for the TurboGrafix-CD and Tremendous Puzzle Fighter II for arcades by Capcom.

6/9 Leisure Swimsuit Larry 5: Passionate Patti Does A Little Undercover Work

At first look, the title of the fifth entry of the traditional Sierra graphic journey sequence does not appear all that uncommon. Nevertheless, a have a look at the sequence historical past will reveal that there was no Leisure Swimsuit Larry 4 and that the sequence skipped from 3 to five. This was apparently supposed as a joke with followers referring to the hypothetical 4th entry within the sequence as Leisure Swimsuit Larry 4: The Lacking Floppies.

Nonetheless, this unconventional numbering little question confused many journey recreation followers again within the day, it additionally signifies that Leisure Swimsuit Larry 5 is technically the 4th recreation within the sequence.

5/9 Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

Possible one of the vital closely mocked titles of any recreation in historical past, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days is actually baffling to those that haven’t performed the sport and even to many who have. The identify is meant to consult with the truth that it takes place over the course of 358 days and is proven from the viewpoint of two characters.

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To most individuals, nevertheless, this appears to be like extra like a math equation, and that the title ought to truly be Kingdom Hearts 179 Days. The Kingdom Hearts sequence is infamous for its nonsensical titles with numbers that embody decimals like; 1.5, 1.8, 2.5, 2.8, and 0.2 in addition to subtitles like Start by Sleep and Dream Drop Distance.

4/9 Infinite Undiscovery

The title of this 2008 JRPG is extraordinarily complicated to anybody with the slightest grasp of the English language. First is the truth that Undiscovery isn’t an actual phrase, and even when it the place it would not make any sense in any case, how may you un-discover one thing? For that matter how can such a factor be infinite?

To make issues much more complicated is the truth that this title is totally meaningless even inside the context of the sport. It’s as if the builders or publishers mashed collectively two random phrases that sounded vaguely epic.

3/9 Dissidia 012[Duodecim] Last Fantasy

The sequel to the favored PSP Last Fantasy crossover fighter Dissidia 012[Duodecim] Last Fantasy is a multitude of a title. First is the phrase Dissidia which is seemingly a Latin time period which means to tear or cleave. Then there’s the 012 within the title, some would possibly simply assume that that is to point that that is the twelfth entry within the Dissidia sequence when the truth is it’s only the second entry.

It’s apparently a reference to the truth that the sport’s story takes place in the course of the twelfth cycle of the conflict between the gods Chaos and Cosmos. This nonetheless doesn’t clarify why they felt the necessity to embody an pointless 0 initially of the quantity. Subsequent is the phrase Duodecim, which in Latin means 12. Why did the builders really feel the necessity to embody the quantity 12 once more this time in Latin, and for that matter why is it enclosed in brackets? The literal which means of this title is “To Cleave 12 [12] Last Fantasy.”

2/9 Disgaea

Disgaea is the identify of a cult traditional sequence of tactical role-playing video games by Nippon Ichi Software program. It additionally tells us completely nothing about what the sport is definitely about. A tough Latin translation offers us the which means “towards the earth” nevertheless this has completely nothing to do with what truly happens inside the video games that are typically about wars fought for management of the netherworld.

Apparently, the builders didn’t intend for it to imply something and selected the identify simply because they thought that it sounded cool.

1/9 SuperHot

Having not encountered it earlier than, it’s straightforward to think about that when most individuals are instructed a few recreation known as SuperHot, the very last thing they might guess is that it’s a recreation about taking pictures crimson polygon males in an in any other case white and grey world.

In response to the developer, the title is supposed to symbolize how the expertise of taking part in the sport is each “optimistic” and “intense.” This does not stop the title from being extremely complicated to the uninitiated.

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